Awkwafina yellow ranger

Yellow Ranger Lyrics Faux thugging Killa queens loving You with that bitch look like Pooh Bear's cousin Block hugging Bitches liking danger Saber Tooth Tiger I'm a ma'fucking Yellow Ranger And Awkwafina just a ratchet ho Instagramming kitties, topping swag up on that FroYo Deez make us out of space Dollars never saving face Roll up with these chicken heads Acting like we own the place Yo And I bring that yellow to the rap game High with these little eyes, Po can't tell if I'm blazed Shout out to Greenpoint, Kielbasa in the oven Greenpoint where all the bitches look like Lena Dunham but Direct deposit that heat up in your inbox 9-to-5 office thighs, scanning on the xerox But I got some time for a bagel and a muffin Team, moving forward damn these bitches can't say nothing But I got this all up on my LinkedIn Proficient in spitting, turning red when I'm drinking Emancipating pussy like I was Abe Lincoln Squirting out that Kool-Aid til all these ratchets sinking, sinking. Release Date February 27, In an interview with The Daily Dot , Awkwafina says:.